WCFN 07 – Guangzhou

If it isn’t the blood, sweat or tears that grab your attention then it’s the beautiful ring girls, the awesome charity prizes and the cheering spectators as local fighters battle it out – head-to-head – for the ultimate white collar bragging rights.

Yes you guessed it – i’m referring to the  White Collar Fight Night (WCFN) event which took place last Saturday night – 19th May 2018 – in Guangzhou, China.

The WCFN event is a truly unique and awesome event that bring communities together for an evening of entertainment, networking, charity awareness and a good old fashioned punch up!

If you’ve never attended a WCFN event before then imagine this – men and women – who have never fought before in any professional fight – training for just 12 weeks with the goal of  stepping into a boxing ring – in front of hundreds of people – to fight head-to-head for three 2 minute rounds.

So why do they do it? – Well it dates back to the 1980’s where white-collar workers would meet monthly to get sweaty and knock each other out! Today, it’s become a sceptical community event where the who’s who of business owners adopt and train their own rocky balboa’s to represent them in the event.

So if you get the opportunity and the tickets haven’t sold out – then get yourself to the next WCFN event and enjoy the sceptical.

Zhang Chao Vs Zheng Cung

Marco Vs Max

Robert Boczar Vs Peng

Tomasz Boczar Vs John

Heli Vs James Edward

Huangbing Vs Robert