Shenzhen Metro Advertisement

When the opportunity came up to shoot an advertisement for a local Shenzhen sports company that would be featured in the Shenzhen Metro, well…i jumped at it.

The concept was simple; display 6 of the personal trainers who worked at the gym and grab the users attention as they walked past it in the metro.

After some initial brainstorming and  the usual back and forth with the client we had the concept and idea nailed and proceeded to execution.

One of the great pleasures for me in this profession is meeting all of the amazingly wonderful people that grace this planet. To see them in a photo they may appear intimidating but to meet them in person they are truly awesome people.

The shoot was done in my studio apartment and was completed over two afternoons.

Having your worked featured in front of thousands upon thousands of people on a daily basic is truly a proud feeling and i’m grateful for the opportunity.