Male Portrait Shoot

When i’m not travailing around south China with event companies or learning new techniques on Photoshop i love getting portrait gigs, so when i was contracted to shoot some head-shots for a local model i was stocked.After a sit down and discussion we opted for 3 different styles, something commercial, something relaxed and something fun!

We were limited on time and since we had a number of different styles to shoot I opted for two main lighting setups;

A single 60 inch soft-box setup with a reflector to fill and a cross lighting setup using two strip banks.

The client wanted to experiment with coloured gels therefore i adjusted the cross-lighting setup and added red/blue gels.

The results were just as the client wanted;

We then moved onto a fun experimental shoot with a bright yellow backdrop and the only props we had on hand (ikea plastic sunflowers).

For this setup I used 60 inch soft-box for the main light and two strip backs for rim lights.

Finally we picked a handful of the cooperate shots and made them black and white to give his portfolio extra variety.