Magpie Grand Opening In OCT LOFT

Let’s face it, Shenzhen has so many places to eat, picking one can drive the sanest person crazy – but when I heard about the opening night of the Magpie, a trendy hip restaurant located in the heart of OCT LOFT – I had to check it out.

Serving traditional Dong Bei food styled with a contemporary western edge, this highly anticipated restaurant – brainchild of owner and head chef Cadence Gao – is ideally situated, offering a relaxed dining experience with good wholesome food – the perfect escape from the hectic city life.

The first thing that grabs your attention is the relaxing ambience and modern decoration which gel together perfectly. The open plan kitchen and combination of earthy foods fill the space with mouth-watering aromas whilst offering great visuals of the chef’s hard at work preparing the food.

The menu offers something for everyone, each dish freshly prepared and cooked to perfection, complimented with a collection of alcoholic beverages including some of the finest cocktails carefully chosen and hand sculpted by talented mixologists.

Maybe it was the mouth-watering food or the delicious candyfloss cocktails that made my visit so memorable – whatever it was, the entire dining experience at the Magpie restaurant was exquisite and I look forward to visiting again soon.