Gym Shoot

It seems Shenzhen it full of healthy people, well you could be forgiven thinking that way when going through my recent work portfolio as it seems sports and gyms are constantly appearing.

There is a big increase in new gyms and sporting houses opening up and so when I had the opportunity to shoot some freestyle fitness shots for a new client – i took it.

It was one of those shoots photographers love, freedom to shoot whatever you want with full access to the boxing ring and equipment – the only limitation was time and with 2 hours to shoot it had to be done quickly.

The shoot was great fun and we worked 3 different styles – portraits using coloured gels – action shots and some black and white poses.

When you photograph people in their natural habitat you get the most out of them so i knew the action shots would be the most fun for the athletes so i mixed them in between the sets to keep everyone on their toes.

The entire shoot was a complete success and everyone had a great laugh.