Fight Night – Zhuhai

Over the past year I’v had the opportunity to shoot many different events but for me, there is nothing more thrilling and nerve-racking than photographing a MMA fight.

It’s crazy right! “Your only there to take the photos” – i hear you say!

Well for whatever reason, watching two grown people going head-to-head, trying vigorously to knock each other out is so heart pounding, nervously stressful! It’s an odd feeling that can only be experience by doing a shoot yourself, and if the opportunity ever comes up, i strongly recommend it.

Maybe its because your so close to the action, maybe its the fact you turn up earlier than everyone else and get to meet the fighters who are 99% of the time awesome people, or maybe it’s just me. Whatever the reason, the Fight Night event in Zhuhai was great fun and i look forward to shooting there again.